What is Cold Brew?

 Cold Brew Coffee!! 

It seems that many companies are hopping onto this cold brew movement.  Baristas and companies are making their own versions; even canned at your local grocery stores.

So, for many out there that are used to good ol’ drip coffee, what’s the difference?  Why change?  Let’s look into what this is all about and how you can even make your own.







Cold brew is technique that uses, you guessed it: a cold brewing process.

Using cold or room temperature water, coffee grounds are steeped for a looong time

– typically 12-24 hours

Through this slow process, it leaves behind any bitter oils and drastically reduces acidity. The lowered amount of acid is a wonder for those who have issues with acid reflux and heartburn.

Your beautiful coffee is never exposed to high temperatures, the possibility of having that burnt, scorched taste in your mouth is ruled out, resulting in a concentrate that is smooth and rich and flavorful. It can then be be mixed either hot or cold, or even in a small dose for a quick shot.

Whatever you fancy.



Its seems that this cold brew movement has gone pretty mainstream now, and everyone is getting in on this trend; meaning we’re paying a premium for this.  Really the main drawback is pretty obvious: it takes time to brew. This can be easily overcome by setting everything up the day before, and reaping the benefits the next day.

So try it out for yourself.

I can appreciate a quick cup o’ joe , but I’m all about discovering new ways to enjoy my fix of caffeine to maximize my day. Let me know what you think, or suggestions on what works for you.

‘til next time,


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